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The band ( I’m without headphones).

At first I was in a punk band that rehearsed in a garden shed and gigged at ‘Skunx’; a long-gone punk club in London’s City Road.

At 16 I left home, followed bands, travelled a bit and took dead end jobs. One day, in Cambridge city centre, I saw some film students shooting a low-budget drama. I found out where they were from and a year later was at ‘The London College of Printing’ doing the ‘Film and TV Studies’ degree myself.

One of the LCP modules was taught by Jack Sargeant (author of ‘Death Tripping’, ‘The Cinema of Transgression’, ‘The Naked Lens’, etc). Inspired by Jack’s lectures I decided my second year placement would be at Richard Desmond’s ‘Northern and Shell Media Group’ where I assisted various magazine editors. After graduating in 2001, I carried on for five more years at Northern and Shell, now in a paid position on the cable TV channels.

Wanting to make things myself I bought a camera and started to produce my own short, very low-budget documentaries which have typically explored art, engineering and heritage themes. I eventually left ‘Northern and Shell’  in 2006 to freelance as a production assistant, AD and picked up work as a film extra/walk-on (‘Children of Men’, ‘The IT Crowd’, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, TV ads, etc)


‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, 2014

My latest project was a short documentary about a pair of statues that were stolen from a memorial garden in Yorkshire. Contact me at tomtremayne@yahoo.com or by using the icon on this site. In my spare time I blog, teach IT, restore cars and do voluntary work in North London. I’m a member of ‘BECTU’ and ‘The Writer’s Guild’.

Most recent projects (clicking images plays one minute clips)